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The word INWARDNESS designates interiority. But unlike interiority or intimacy, INWARDNESS does not indicate the naked individuality of a subject, but rather a movement of observation of the conscience in the act of looking at the Self.

More precisely, it is a notion that is perhaps already distant from the psychological one of "conscience" and rather approaches a tradition of subjectivity close to the Orient, to Vedantic meditation.

It translates the Sanskrit adhyatma, the super-seeing self, secret and hidden in the depths of our being. In some respects, it is the Self that learns to withdraw from the ego, lets it go, thus manifesting the paradox of an individuality that pervades the reality that surrounds us, without identifying with a single individual. 

Rather than consciousness, it is that faculty of attention which is not identified with the psyché, but is the prerequisite for it so that the Self can say "I".

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